Saturday, January 5, 2013

Installing a Cabana Tent

Meredith Berg, The Writers Network
Cabana tents are wonderful for providing a convenient place to change or simply a resting place with protection from the sun to install for when you are at the beach or park.  There are many types of cabana tents with a range of installation instructions.

The One-Touch Cabana Tent
There are a few different “one step” tents on the market.  One is the Rapido Cabana Tent that has a pop-up mechanism for installation in seconds.
Another similar product is the Family Beach Cabana Tent from Sun Smarties.  The tent weighs four pounds and is carried in a backpack.  It is easily unfurled, after which all you have to do is anchor the ends to the ground.  This is one of the simplest cabana choices on the market.  The big difference between this tent and the Rapido is that it does not have a floor.
There are more complicated cabana tents with pole systems for setup available, but when options exist for easy one-step installation tents you may not wish to purchase anything more intricate.

Fun Cabana Designs
An alternate version of a cabana tent is the tripod tent.  One example is the Junior Tripod from Coolibar.  To install this tent, lay it out on the ground, keeping the pole tunnels visible on top. Thread the poles through the tunnels starting with the ring pin end and crossing it through the center to its opposite fabric tunnel.  Slide the pole into a pole pocket.  Bow the poles into an arch and secure the structure with the pin.  Place rocks or sand into the side pockets to keep the tent grounded.
Make sure, whichever cabana tent you purchase, that it is treated with adequate sun-proofing.  You can easily find cabanas with SPF 50 for protection for the entire family!

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