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Becoming An Alpha Master

Becoming an Alpha Master" CD Course Series

A Set of CD's with all the latest teachings, ascension techniques and exercises that Archangel Michael has given us.

SPECIAL: $99.90

Teachings given by Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

All of the meditations, exercises and information presented in the Becoming An Alpha Master CD program are taken from Ronna Herman’s Study Manual Scripting Your Destiny and the Revealed Truths booklet.

Presented by Randy Monk * Teacher of Science of the Soul – Overlighted by Lord Melchizedek

Randy Monk first saw Ronna Herman and experienced the energy of Archangel Michael at the Wesak Celebration held at Mt. Shasta in 1997. He followed Archangel Michael’s teachings by reading Michael’s monthly messages through Ronna published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence for the next few years and attended several of Ronna’s workshops and channeled messages over the years at various locations including Reno, Nevada, Mt. Shasta, Yellowstone and Arkansas.Randy has been practicing Archangel Michael’s teachings daily for several years and knows it’s time for him to share what he has learned with others.

Learn how to move into and out of an Alpha State at will, manifesting your desires, surrounded by a cocoon of Light, as an observer of the ongoing drama on the third and fourth dimensions.

Enhance your life experience with Archangel Michael’s teachings. Learn to move into and out of an Alpha State at will receiving a constant stream of enlightening cosmic wisdom.

A sampling of what you will experience on the Becoming an Alpha Master CD Program:
* Universal Laws of Manifestation
* Infinity Breath
* Alpha State Exercise accessing Sacred Mind
* Infinity Breath through back Sacred Heart Portal
* Personal Work Pyramid
* World Pyramid of Light
* Infinity Breath with Binary Sequencing
* Diamond Core God Cell Meditation
* Infinity Breath with Flower of Life
* Personal Pyramid of Light
* Creating Your New Mer-Ki-Vah of Light
* Sacred Heart – Adamantine Particles Meditation
* City of Light Meditation

To purchase "Becoming an Alpha Master" CDs $99.90 Plus S & H

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Celebrate Your Spiritual Journey During the Holidays

Celebrate Your Spiritual Journey During the Holidays
 By Cyn Sullivan

 So many outward hopes and dreams abound during this holiday season. You want to please everyone in your circle of life: family, loved ones friends and co-workers. The most important thing about this season, is to celebrate your spiritual journey during the holidays. Acknowledge Christmas and all of the wonderful Holidays that are celebrated. They are, in many ways, a gift, a way to pay homage to our culture, our religions and way of life. 

Contemplate your place in the scheme of things, "I Am That I Am". Spend time sitting in a relaxed position and close your eyes. Gently phase out and get rid of any mental clutter by visualizing a warm all-encompassing white light. When the mind is still and silent, the intuitive mind seeps in. This can bring you to a reawakened state of well being. Make this a daily habit and add more time to each session. Your renewed inspirational outlook will lure you back for more.

Give in a special way to those that are less fortunate. Give to the food pantries. Donate your time to help the needy.Take part in the food drives. You will begin to realize the true meaning of the holiday spiritual journey. You experience such contentment when you step completely out of yourself by helping others and our animal friends, as well. 

Enjoy the company of family and friends. Sing together and celebrate the joy in your life. Celebrate the holiday spiritual journey year around.