Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steps to Prepare for An Online Auction

By Cyn Sullivan (Sullysee)

As a seller, I normally do a certain set of steps to prepare for an online auction, several days ahead of time. There are many things to consider and some prep work to be done. Here are some ideas to consider to prepare for an online auction. This is after deciding where to list them and what type of auction they will be presented in.

Things You Will Need:
• Computer
• Internet connection
• Digital camera
• Memory card reader

Step 1

Research: I have certain items that I look up on one or more auction sites. I am looking for:
A. How well it's selling.
B. The average going price.
C. The best category or categories to list it in.

Step 2

Decide on the starting price, and whether to have a reserve price. The reserve price is used if I do not want to let it go for less than this amount. I seldom use this, but there are certain valuable items that do well with this as an option.

Step 3

Photograph: Take several pictures of each item.
A. Show long shot.
B. Several close-up shots.
C. Show any flaws, cracks or unusual markings.
D. Show all sides and inside if needed.
E. Get accurate, focused pictures of signatures, dates, important maker marks.

Step 4

Description: Look over item carefully.
A. Describe overall item and it's function.
B. Describe known history of this or similar items of this period.
C. Put accurate measurements.
D. Detailed description of flaws, areas repaired, chips, or any other possibilities that you are not sure of.
E. Materials it is made of, elaborate on the look of this material, i.e. beautiful Walnut patina.
F. Write your description in an alluring way to entice one to bid on this item, i.e. this would look great with your country collection.
G. Include form of payment and length of auction, if desired.

Step 5

With everything done and ready to go you are now well prepared to list your item on the day and at the time that you have chosen. This is how you take steps for an online auction.

Tips & Warnings
• Have more photos than you think you may need.
• Always describe accurately, this is vital.
• Do not misrepresent your item in any way.