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Artist and Naturalist John James Audubon

Between 1827 and 1838, John James Audubon, brilliant artist and naturalist, published in London, England, in his own style, a series of 435 large-sized, hand-colored etchings with aquatints in a folio entitled The Birds of America. These were reproduced primarily by Robert Havell and Sons from Audubon’s watercolor studies that he had earlier composed during his several journeys throughout the young United States. Looking back, Audubon wrote ... "Having studied drawing for a short while in my youth under good masters, I felt a great desire to make choice of a style more particularly adapted to the imitation of feathers than the drawings in water colours that I had been in the habit of seeing, and moreover, to complete a collection not only valuable to the scientific class, but pleasing to every person, by adopting a different course of representation from the mere profile-like cut figures, given usually in works of that kind."

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Tips for protecting personal information

1. Don’t give anyone your Social Security, credit card, or bank account numbers unless you know the source and/or have initiated the contact. If you are unsure, ask the person to send you a request by mail instead of asking for it over the telephone. Con artists working a scam can be very convincing.

2. Don't just throw away papers that have important account or financial numbers listed on them. Tear up the papers or shred them. Thieves often go through the trash looking for intact bank account, credit card, etc. numbers so they can raid your accounts.

3. Keep your credit card and ATM receipts in a safe place until you've paid the credit card bill or balanced your checkbook. Then tear up or shred them.

4. Don't leave bill payment envelopes in a home mailbox for the mail carrier. Someone might take them. Instead, put your envelopes inside a postal mailbox.

5. Reduce the circulation of your information through the mail. Stop receiving prescreened credit offers by calling 888-5OPTOUT (888-567-8688). You can also reduce direct mail marketing and telemarketing by contacting the Direct Marketing Association.

6. Don't send your credit card number over the Internet unless you are sure the Web site is secured and your computer is protected by anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, and other security software. Keep your security software updated.

7. Shred or tear up anything with your name, address, credit card information, or bank account numbers before putting it in the trash or recycle bin. This includes unused credit card offers.

8. Don't get hooked by "phishing." Scam artists looking to get personal information such as credit card numbers, bank account information, Social Security numbers, and other pieces of data send spam emails hoping to lure you into divulging this important information. If you get an unexpected email asking you to update or verify any important information, be careful. It might be a "phisher" trying to con you out of your personal information. For more information, visit

9. Review your credit card statements and telephone bills for unauthorized use. If you suspect fraud, call the company immediately.

10. If you're a victim of identity theft, report the crime to the police immediately.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


SACRED CRYSTAL WATER RECIPE #2 – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Crystals (suggest Quartz or Amethyst)
A Glass Cup, Glass Pitcher or Urn
Himalayan Salt
Colloidal Silver and/or Gold
Purified water
The idea here is to infuse water with programmed crystal energy. Crystals hold vast amounts of energy, so that idea is that our bodies can be “rebuilt” from carbon-based to crystalline-based, thus able to process much more information…and the process of crystallizing the body is essentially the doorway to latent gifts you may already possess….increases in IQ, new talents and abilities, dormant traits that are waiting to be developed…it’s all about personal power. Can you see now why the powers-that-be-for-now are so “hellbent” on seeing that your reality is full of toxins…toxic, food, air water and soil? It’s to DEGRADE YOUR DNA/RNA to prevent you from becoming a superhuman! Anyways back to our recipe…
First you wash your crystals and make sure they have no lingering energy, you may do this with by running water through them, or you may leave them out in the sun or moonlight for a day or two, or cleanse them with your intent…with sounds, with words, with thoughtforms.
Second, you program your crystals, put them in your hand and tell them what you want from them, this can be done at a distance too…. Do you want more health? More love? More peace? Be specific. After you have programmed the crystal, you must then seal it with platinum energy of Archangel Michael, so that the crystal and store and run your program without interference from conflicting programming. (You can re-activate a program within a crystal by placing it in your left hand and blowing on it three times).
You take your glass container and fill it water water, you add a pinch of Himalayan salt, a drop or a few drops of colloidal silver and/or gold, and the crystals to the water and gently mix.
Drink and enjoy! Notice how the water tastes different, and feels different from “normal” water?
Colloidal Silver and/or Gold: Useful to as a crystal catalyst
Himalayan Salt: To hold the crystal structure of the water
Crystals: Useful for programming the water with spiritual/emotional/thoughtform energy.
Extra tidbits:
1. You can add spray this crystal water in rooms to cleanse the air.
2. You can add this crystal water to baking, soups, raw spreads etc.
3. You can add this crystal water to your skin after a bath, or during a sauna or sweatlodge.
4. Crystal water can be used for pets, animals or even sprouts and plants.
5. Imagine how else crystals water can be used… to heat homes, for healing…. to community planning etc. The possibilities are endless and within our potential right now.

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) is a galactic artist interested in creating a more harmonious way of living on our planet. He sells ionic footbath plates, and colloidal silver and gold at his website. Dieter currently lives in Ecuador where he is enjoying living as a free spirit, sampling ample inexpensive fruit and veggies, and having collaborations with our like-spirited artists. Dieter believes our planet is currently in an advanced state of transformation due to strong gamma radiation coming from a galactic cloud, and it’s part of our planet’s 26000 year cycle.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steps to Prepare for An Online Auction

By Cyn Sullivan (Sullysee)

As a seller, I normally do a certain set of steps to prepare for an online auction, several days ahead of time. There are many things to consider and some prep work to be done. Here are some ideas to consider to prepare for an online auction. This is after deciding where to list them and what type of auction they will be presented in.

Things You Will Need:
• Computer
• Internet connection
• Digital camera
• Memory card reader

Step 1

Research: I have certain items that I look up on one or more auction sites. I am looking for:
A. How well it's selling.
B. The average going price.
C. The best category or categories to list it in.

Step 2

Decide on the starting price, and whether to have a reserve price. The reserve price is used if I do not want to let it go for less than this amount. I seldom use this, but there are certain valuable items that do well with this as an option.

Step 3

Photograph: Take several pictures of each item.
A. Show long shot.
B. Several close-up shots.
C. Show any flaws, cracks or unusual markings.
D. Show all sides and inside if needed.
E. Get accurate, focused pictures of signatures, dates, important maker marks.

Step 4

Description: Look over item carefully.
A. Describe overall item and it's function.
B. Describe known history of this or similar items of this period.
C. Put accurate measurements.
D. Detailed description of flaws, areas repaired, chips, or any other possibilities that you are not sure of.
E. Materials it is made of, elaborate on the look of this material, i.e. beautiful Walnut patina.
F. Write your description in an alluring way to entice one to bid on this item, i.e. this would look great with your country collection.
G. Include form of payment and length of auction, if desired.

Step 5

With everything done and ready to go you are now well prepared to list your item on the day and at the time that you have chosen. This is how you take steps for an online auction.

Tips & Warnings
• Have more photos than you think you may need.
• Always describe accurately, this is vital.
• Do not misrepresent your item in any way.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Human Being Operating Instructions

New Operating Instructions: Human Being/DoingPosted by Rhonda Simpson on March 3, 2011 at 9:30am
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There was a time when making your life happen by ‘doing’ was the way. After a time of realizing that really wasn’t working, we moved to a time of Being, of allowing, of ‘letting go’ and ‘letting God’ - a time of surrender. In this time, we learned about stillness, about flow, about co-creating with a higher source, about synchronicity, and about faith in the unknown.
The tides are changing once again though, and that fire that is rising within you is being called to action, Though we’ve worked really hard at feeling our way into Being and allowing and waiting for our lives to unfold as the Universe sees fit, the time for waiting is over.
Now we are being folded into a new mix of being/doing that facilitates our will and strengthens (up-levels, really) our partnership with God.
If you are beginning to feel frustration, impatience, or downright rage at the injustice of Life’s offerings culminating within you, you are right on track. These are the forces of change. These are the elements of discontent that are working to dislodge you from a passive stance and propel you into a role of action. The time for Being as we know it is over (for now anyway). The time for doing is on. You are being asked to take your life by the reigns and ‘make’ something happen. Do you feel that? Many feel that momentum building along with the coinciding hands-tied element of not wanting to override the ‘Being-ness’ that they’ve been taught about and coached in. Many have learned to cultivate that synergy of flow and have resolved, at long last, to take their hands off the wheel while letting the Universe direct them. So it may feel somewhat counter-intuitive to step back into the captains helm at this point. It may feel as if you are taking a step backward and falling into old ways of needing to be in control, or as if your allegiance to a surrendered way of being is faltering. But if you really connect with the energies within and become in-tune with the energies all around (cosmic and collective) you will See that taking action is exactly what you are being called to do right now.
All itinerary is subject to last minute change.
Ok, so as your ‘but, but, buting’, understand that the way of the Universe, of nature, IS change. It is ebb and flow; contraction and expansion. So by honoring the urge to ‘do’, to ‘create, ‘make happen’ in your life at the moment, you are honoring, not objecting to, the flow. By honoring your GPS which says “Move, Move, Move! I’m tired of waiting and standing still!”, you are honoring your instinct. By trusting in your Internal Navigational System, and Knowing that it has our best interest at heart, Knowing that it is directing you , you are creating a deeper connection with your Self. By trusting ( and here’s the other component to the equation, and the one that puts the twist on this way of Being and makes it an updated version of the old)- by trusting that Creator will then ‘match your bid’ and take care of the unknowns and the ‘out of your hands’ aspects, you are strengthening your connection with Source.
So here’s the breakdown. You follow your instinct to change, to do, to take action. And then you, as you step into the role of authority of your life, on this new empowered level that is ‘over’ sitting back and waiting for stuff to happen ( for the moment anyway), you then delegate, or command, if you will, that Creator meet you half way and take care of the rest.
Don’t take the seeming resistance of things not lining up or falling into place as a sign that it is not TIME for things to happen or forward movement to occur. Don’t fight your desire to take action, and tear down some walls or storm the city of your dreams. The fire doesn’t lie. It wants you to step up and stand tall and become an active participant in your life. But here’s where many are getting confused. There is the objective, the thing you want (desperately!) to happen in your life. And then there is the obvious ‘out of your hands’ ‘nothing you can do about it’ element which sends us flailing into a stupor of confusion, frustration, and disillusionment at best, making us wonder if we are being asked to step up to and into yet another higher level of surrender. And then again there is this almost disabling discontent, this discord, this downright rage or sorrow that screams ‘NO! I have to do SOMETHING! I can’t just remain idle.’ And to both, the answer is yes.
You are being asked to ‘do’ and ‘be’. You are being asked to surrender and take control. You are being asked to find balance between your will and God’s will. And as you bring this into alignment, as you find your footing with doing your part and letting God do his, you will begin to see the bigger picture as it unfolds. You will begin to regain the feeling of balance and flow.
Stomach issues anyone?
This coordination of wills has everything to do with your power center, located directly within your belly. This explains the need to come into your power by doing, making happen, taking action, But if we’ve learned anything from past mistakes along the way, the imbalance that over-compensating, over-controlling and reluctance to surrender brings is less (by far) than optimal. And if we’ve learned from our time period of allowing and surrendering into Being, we can’t deny the ultimate power (and peace) that’s derived from letting God and letting go. But many have reached a time of feeling that they are wandering in the desert, somewhat helpless or aimless, waiting for the realm of possibilities to unfold and the Powers That Be to give it up already.
So, my friends, it is time to braid. It is time to feel empowered by creating movement and change within our lives while alternately realizing and surrendering what we have control over and what we don’t (think Serenity Prayer).
So this may mean for you that the movement, the shift, the change you’re about to make happen at this time in order to facilitate that fire within that says ‘Do’ is seemingly menial, or tedious even. You may not be able to make happen or magically make appear that new job, new love, new house, or whatever else it is you desire. Many of these larger details of what it is you want may absolutely ( as you suspected, or as may be glaringly obvious) be completely out of your hands. But the movement to get the current rolling is within your realm, and within your means. So what does this mean? This means that if you desire a move- to a new home or a new location- but things aren’t falling into place, then you step into the flow by becoming part of it (actively) rather than waiting on the sidelines. You begin to make preparations. You begin to pack, clear out, take action- on a level that you can. Participate. Play it out. Be proactive- on whatever level you can in this moment. Action is the key word. And it may not be on the level you desire, but it will facilitate the flow and show the Universe that you really are ready; you are stepping up to the plate; you are doing your share.
Just don’t loose sight of the partnership (between you and Creator), and the trust necessary to keep that in tact.
It’s greater balance, this way of being- a 50 You/ 50 God equation; Co-creation, my friends, at its best. Give a little, get a little. And you know that it’s right (what you’re feeling) that it’s Ok to evolve into this higher way of Being. This is you bringing into alignment the doing and the being, the power and the surrender. In breath, out breath directs the prana, directs the flow.
Evolve. Do. Be. Perfect. Now don’t forget to play, and you’re good.
As bodies, we need movement. As beings of nature, we are elements of change, of evolution. It’s really about being in the flow of that, of the process of life that's organic, and allowing the process to become organic for you. If you were a bulb in spring who was ready to shoot through the ground, to sprout, you wouldn’t deny your urge to grow. And as you began to grow, you would naturally know which way to grow- you would grow towards the Light, through the Light, and of (via) the Light. You would have that connection with Source and a trust that that Light would guide you. But you also wouldn’t expect the Light to do the growing for you. You would do that part yourself. So you see how it is totally interconnected, a very symbiotic way of Being that is natural and known. This is what you’re reaching for- this rhythmic way of Being.
Know that, in order to support this Way, you must also allow for preparation. You need to allow yourself to be fertilized by Life as it shapes you into who and what you need to be to be optimal for what it is you want to receive. So it is about letting Life bring you into that balance through the life experiences that will teach, mold, and grow you. And to that you surrender, and you trust, you allow the flow. But now is also a time to tend to your garden, to prepare your soil, to plant your seeds. Now is time to honor the movement within you and bring it out into the world- to manifest your own right as a creator, as the creator that you truly are. It’s time to test those waters by activating your will and making happen what you can. And no matter what your goal or desire, there is something you can do right now, if you’ve got that fire burnin’ within you to DO, to move forward in the direction of your dreams.
If you desire new love, begin with doing something loving for you. The more in love with you you are, the more excellent your new relationship will be, and the higher a vibrational love you’ll call in.
If you want a new job, begin by honing your skills and making an action plan to get working, so that when the Universe ‘drops’ that job into your lap, you’re prepared.
If you want a new home, begin by clearing out the old and decluttering and polishing your life, so that when everything else falls into place, you’re ready to go. (This applies to you as a body and a soul, as well- you simplifying your thoughts and beliefs so that you can expand into a higher-vibrating, more expansive You).
Remember , these are changing times. Your standards are higher now. You no longer want to settle for mediocre or less than. You want the big stuff- the Greatness. So by lining up with it, by becoming a vibrational match, you create fruition. Make sure your soil is as optimal as possible for the fruit you wish to bare.
There is a balance to being and doing. And as you begin to acclimate to this new way, you’ll begin to strengthen your trust in you and in Source and the co-creation of your dreams-come-true begins to flow in a more natural way; You sprouting in time to your drive to become and you growing towards the Light. Symbiosis and flow.
Follow your heart through this, rather than old standards, and you’ll find your Way Home.
Become fully realized as you sink into your knowing and expand outward through creation, manifestation, and maximizing the flow.
To forward movement and co-creation on a higher level!

Copyright © 2010 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

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How to Plan a Christmas Decorating Business

Christmas season is anticipated by many. Some plan throughout the year for this distinctive holiday. Special accounts are set aside for gift buying. Some love to shop ahead of time for unique presents for their special loved ones, relatives, friends and co-workers.
The time before this awaited event can be hectic: filled with obligations and preparations, nerves are stretched too thin.
To come home to a fully decorated house with a charming Christmas atmosphere can be quite a relief. Decorating is a family ritual for many. Truth be known, it is a drudgery at some point to most. Putting up decorations, taking them down and preparing them for storage can be an onerous job that many would like to have magically taken off their hands. To plan a Christmas decorating startup business can become instantly popular and very profitable. Read more...

How to Plan A Christmas Decorating Startup Business |

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Passion For Abstract Art

We all have various preferences in life for food, relationships that click, movies, lifestyles and on and on...

Those that have a passion for Abstract Art may not know why. It's just something inside that happens when you create or are in the presence of a work of art that allows you to see and feel without boundaries, or rules or announcements like, "I'm in this category or box of reality."

A passion for abstract art covers a broad spectrum of visual and illuminating shifts in consciousness as we appreciate creations that come from somewhere deep within the intuitive language of our mind and soul.

By Cynthia Marie Sullivan