Saturday, September 26, 2009

Powerful Antioxidant and Cleansing Beverages, Part 1

Here are some simple and flavorful hot and cold beverages that work with your body and provide cleansing for the toxins and concentrated antioxidants that attack and destabilize the free-radicals that contribute to disease and aging.

We'll begin with "Fortune Delight": this is an instant powder, that dissolves well in either hot or cold liquid. Generally, it is mixed with water. The flavor of the original is pleasant, there are also various flavors available: lemon, cinnamon, peach, raspberry, to name a few. It is in small foil-like 3 g. packets; enough for an 8 oz. glass of water.

A blend of both black and green tea, several herbs are added. The amount of antioxidants and cleansers are very concentrated and made into a powder form to supply high amounts of "Camilla sinesis", among many other things, however, this is the main ingredient.

It is recommended to have one glass of this beverage a day. More would add greatly to a focused health and cleansing regime.
By Cyn Sullivan