Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Help From Angels In Our Everyday Lives

10 Steps to Making Decisions With the Help of the Angels

From:  Doreen Virtue

10 Steps to Making Choices and Decisions With the Help of the Angels 
Should I move? Quit my job? Leave my relationship? These are questions I’m frequently asked on my radio show and at my workshops. And no wonder, as we’re all in a time of great global and personal change. The angels say that the key to enjoying these changes is to stay flexible and keep your sense of humor. It’s also helpful to know that you’re not alone and many people are having similar experiences.
The changes can seem frightening because of insecurities of future unknown factors (“Will I be financially secure?” “Will I be alone?” “Will this change make me feel happier?”
The angels can help because, from their elevated perspective, they can see the factors and make the variables known to you. The angels won’t make the decision for you, out of respect for your free will choices. However, they will function like trusted advisors to help you to see and consider your various options.
To make decisions with the help of the angels:

1. Hold the intention of connecting with your guardian angels for help and guidance about decisions you're trying to make. Your angels are already with you and definitely they hear you and ready to help you By holding this intention, you are giving them permission intervene

2. Create a quiet space, even if it’s just closing your eyes and breathing deeply; the moments while you’re falling asleep or awakening; in the washroom; on a walk; or outdoors in nature. The point is to be in a place where you can more readily hear the angels.

3. Silently think this question to the angels: “What changes would you like to see me make in my life?”

4. Notice the feelings and thoughts that come in response to this question.

5. Silently ask the angels for help with any specific life area that you’re considering changing. Pour out your heart to the angels, telling them about all of your feelings.

6. Notice the feelings and thoughts that come to you.

7. Don't concern yourself with worries about 'how' your requests will be answered. The divine infinite mind has solutions and miracles abundantly available. Worry never helps, but prayer always does.

8. You'll get ideas and feelings about taking action. This is divine guidance in response to your requests for help. It may not seem to have If you don't hear or understand the guidance, say to your angels, "Thank you for giving me clear signs that I easily recognize and understand that clearly guides my actions along the path of joy and peace."

9. You can also use a method that I call, "Trying on your future." it's similar to trying on clothing or test-driving a car prior to buying it. This is helpful if you have several options to choose from. In a quiet place, allow yourself to imagine that you have taken Option 1. Really feel that experience as if it’s happening right now. Then do the same for Options 2, 3, and so forth. Compare how each feels for you. While you can’t know all of the foreseeable factors, you can get a sense of your body’s reactions. And your body KNOWS, as it’s a powerfully accurate divination tool. Trust it!

10. If you still need clarity, hold the intention of contacting your higher self. Then ask it,
“Which way puts me on the path of my divine life purpose?” Trust the first thought that comes to mind. Anything which brings you closer to your life’s purpose (even if you’re unsure what that exactly entails) will bring you more peace, harmony, and abundance.

Know that you deserve this happiness! We all do. Your Creator, like any loving parent,
wants the best for you. And when you’re happy and peaceful, we all benefit. After all, world peace occurs when everyone’s at peace. By taking the steps to bring peace to yourself, you make a major contribution toward world peace. You become a role model of peace, inspiring others to make the journey as well.

Peace and Love to you and yours, Doreen.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Installing a Cabana Tent

Meredith Berg, The Writers Network
Cabana tents are wonderful for providing a convenient place to change or simply a resting place with protection from the sun to install for when you are at the beach or park.  There are many types of cabana tents with a range of installation instructions.

The One-Touch Cabana Tent
There are a few different “one step” tents on the market.  One is the Rapido Cabana Tent that has a pop-up mechanism for installation in seconds.
Another similar product is the Family Beach Cabana Tent from Sun Smarties.  The tent weighs four pounds and is carried in a backpack.  It is easily unfurled, after which all you have to do is anchor the ends to the ground.  This is one of the simplest cabana choices on the market.  The big difference between this tent and the Rapido is that it does not have a floor.
There are more complicated cabana tents with pole systems for setup available, but when options exist for easy one-step installation tents you may not wish to purchase anything more intricate.

Fun Cabana Designs
An alternate version of a cabana tent is the tripod tent.  One example is the Junior Tripod from Coolibar.  To install this tent, lay it out on the ground, keeping the pole tunnels visible on top. Thread the poles through the tunnels starting with the ring pin end and crossing it through the center to its opposite fabric tunnel.  Slide the pole into a pole pocket.  Bow the poles into an arch and secure the structure with the pin.  Place rocks or sand into the side pockets to keep the tent grounded.
Make sure, whichever cabana tent you purchase, that it is treated with adequate sun-proofing.  You can easily find cabanas with SPF 50 for protection for the entire family!

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve Celebrations Around the World

The last day of the year is usually greeted with mixed emotions—joy and anticipation on the one hand, melancholy and regret on the other. Some celebrate by attending midnight church services, while others congregate in public places like Times Square in New York City, or Trafalgar Square in London, Glasgow's George Square or Edinburgh's Iron Kirk to count down the closing seconds of the old year. In the United States, people congregate at parties, some lasting all night, and many people spend New Year's Eve in front of the television watching other people celebrate. In recent years, celebrations in time zones all over the world have also been televised, so viewers can celebrate several times in one night, if they wish.

In Scotland, December 31 is known as Old Year's Night, or Hogmanay. Although there are a number of theories about the derivation of the name, the tradition it refers to involves handing out pieces of oat-cake to poor children, who go from door to door calling out "Hogmanay!" In the United States, the Scottish song "Auld Lang Syne," with lyrics by poet Robert Burns, is sung at almost every New Year's Eve celebration, while in London, the Scots at St. Paul's Churchyard toast and sing.

In Denmark the New Year is "shot in" with a thunderous explosion of fireworks, rockets, and Chinese pistols. In some villages, young people play pranks such as those done on Halloween in the United States.

Iceland has bonfires to clean up trash and elf dances, because elves are believed to be about on this night and might want to stop and rest on their way.

Neopolitans believe it brings luck to throw pots and dishes out the windows at midnight.

On the last two days of the year in Japan, a fire watch is implemented to prepare for the New Year, their most important holiday. Young men gather into groups then go to separate parts of the towns. They carry a clapper which they sound every few yards, crying out, "take care with fire."

Armenian families spend the night at home feasting. During the celebration, the neighbors, one at a time, lower a basket of presents down the chimney, then it is the recipients' turn to go to their neighbors.

Romanian boys used to go around to their neighbors with a plugusorul, a little plough, which may be a remnant of the Roman Opalia, the festival to the goddess of abundance, Ops. Later they changed to a homemade drum that sounds like a bull, which is what pulls the plough through the meadow. They ring cow bells and crack whips and recite hundreds of verses of their country story at the top of their lungs.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tents for Luxury Living

You could have it all. Live and bask in the tent living platform.
An idealic and paradisical way to live life.


Luxury Tents

We offer fully furnished luxury tents, made of premium quality water proof and fire proof fabric. Designed with the strict safety standards, these luxury family tents and dome shaped tents can be transported hassle-free and are easy to install as well as dismantle. These tents are perfectly fit for various occasions like luxury parties etc.
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Bhanwar Tent
Bhanwar Tent
Item Code : BHT-001
Description : An eye soothing and easy to install luxury tent, is available with wide range of accessories to meet all the basic necessities.
Enlarge Image
Bhurj Tent
Bhurj Tent
Item Code : BUT-002
Description : Exquisitely designed peak tent is available with ventilation panels to make it highly comfortable.
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Children Tent
Children Tent
Item Code : CT-003
Description : Unique in design and style, our children tent is constructed as a perfect playhouse setting.
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Lily Pond Tent
Lily Pond Tent
Item Code : LT-004
Description : Fancy tent with pop-up top is offered with SPF/UV protection and proper flooring.
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Maharaja Tent
Maharaja Tent
Item Code : MT-005
Description : Stylish maharaja tent made with premium quality fabric, exhibits the efforts of our designers and skilled labor force.
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Mugal Tent
Mugal Tent
Item Code : MT-006
Description : Elegantly designed dome shaped tent in ivory white color looks stunning when lighten up with colorful bulbs and chandelier.
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Ottoman Tent
Ottoman Tent
Item Code : OT-007
Description : We present the most prominent medieval ottoman tent, designed with utmost care and attention.
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Pavilion Tent
Pavilion Tent
Item Code : PT-008
Description : Highly comfortable pavilion tent is available with wide space and is easy to install as well as dismantle.
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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Winter Solstice

Today is the start of a new chapter, galactically and energetically-- in our Reality...here, on planet Earth. The December 21st, Winter Solstice brought forth new portals of awakening and dissolved much fear of the unknown that many had prepared themselves for in mundane and also spiritual ways.

Preparing for the new year 2013 can be a refreshing new start on many levels for each of us. Consider opening your hearts to those in need. Give from your heart and bring about a generous and benevolent way to survive.

We are a community...together at this place in time for the good of All.

Think of how you can cherish each neighbor more...with acts of kindness that can be small but powerful.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 21, 2012

What happens on December 21, 2012?

December 21 is the winter solstice, and in 2012 the Sun on the solstice will be almost perfectly aligned with the plane of the galaxy (the Milky Way galaxy). What is astonishing is how precisely the Mayan calendar was able to pinpoint this alignment of the planets.

What's so Special About Planets Aligning?

The equator of the Milky Way galaxy (Galactic Equator) and the path of the Sun (the Ecliptic) will cross each other at exactly 11:11 am GMT on December 21, 2012. What does this mean exactly? Or, even better, what is the probability of this occurring?

Every year on the winter solstice, our Sun has a Declination of -23.5 degrees, and a Right Ascension of 18 hours. But what makes the alignment of 2012 special is how this alignment occurs relative to very distant stars. On December 21, 2012, the alignment will be right along the plane of the entire galaxy. This precession of the equinoxes goes in a complete circle and happens only once every 26,000 years. In other words, the winter solstice moves 360 degrees every 26,000 years, or 0.01 degrees each year.

A significant detail that promoters of the 2012 doomsday fail to point out, however, is that the plane of the galaxy is not the width of a needle. The plane of the galaxy is quite wide - in fact, it takes the winter solstice between 700 hundred and 1,400 years to cross the plane of the galaxy! So 2012 is just one year amidst a span of 700 years.

We Are Entering a New Mayan Epoch

Mayan StatueDid the Mayans know something about 2012 that we don't? I think more significant than the fact that the planets align in 2012 is the fact that we are entering a new Mayan epoch, or Long Count. While the pundits will be focused on doomsday prophecies and the destruction of the world, those pondering our purpose may find themselves enlightened by a greater perspective - one that may not be clear until hundreds or thousands of years from now.

According to the Mayans we are entering a new age. What does this mean? We think it may have something to do with the shift towards a more Eastern, or spiritualist, way of life. The Western way of life, and the worship of material goods, progress, and capitalism, has accelerated its way headfirst into battles and wars for hundreds of years. Hopefully, our race will eventually elevate itself to a new era of understanding - one where we find ourselves to be more introspective, and spending our time pondering not only the bigger questions of life - but the smaller ones as well. Spending more quality time with our loved ones, and enjoying the moments. Because we feel there will be many more to come.