Monday, December 3, 2012

Drink Lots of Pure Water

Drink Lots of Pure Water My dear ones. What my channel is asking me today will give you a teaching about great change. Not Gaia change, but change of the human condition. I've given other teachings about ascension preparation making a different DNA configuration, but this question has another direction to consider: Anchoring light, channeling and awareness change, what are the physical changes associated with these? Many of you are now feeling the heightened frequencies, and they are causing other effects besides a good feeling. These effects are from the fluid needed to energize the new vibrations that are caught in the duodenum, the feet and legs, and most important of all, the nervous system. These waters are grounding the vibration that needs to be anchored into Mother Earth.

When the energy comes into the crown chakra it needs to be carried by water throughout the body. There must be a noticeable fluid gain to increase the conduit's ability to anchor light, far more than the tiny amount an average news flash would require. Much more light must be moved through a body for a difference to made to the mass consciousness.

Channeling massive amounts of light can be maintained for the short time that is needed to receive a channeled message, but light anchors are now being used constantly, and this frequency delivery can dry up a normal body like a dehydrator. So, a lot of water must be added to the body or the body will respond with fluid retention that expands the body's dimensions in its key draught areas.

Water, not any other answer, is the only corrective remedy. Major amounts of pure, clear water must be taken in to move the lymph on and out. Parking the body in one position during your day adds to the cause of dryness and dramatic corrective attempts must be made by the body to preserve its health condition. New channels need to be told to drink and control their diet. Adding more grains to the food they normally eat will add weight, as the weight gained contains matter that also delivers aid to the dry, parched areas inside the body.

 All bodies need support now due to the new contact that is being made between man, the earth and the cosmos. Fifth dimension bodies are not the same as 3 dimension bodies. Fifth dimension bodies contain more mass and more ability to ride the waves that are flowing through them. Will the increased fluid go away? No, not as long as the body is anchoring light. Smoking, chewing tobacco and taking in other content that contains chemicals will deteriorate one's ability to anchor light—these draw the light to the body's dross areas instead of the areas needing continuous power for delivering a new direction for Gaia.

Torches are among you, opening doors for your ascension. Give them gratitude. I AM THAT I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain Channeled by Aruna

Transition to the 5th Dimension

Metatron Easter Island, Dimensions & Kuthumi ! Nov 29/12 The LeMurian Return and the Peridot Stargate Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron Lord of Light ! I greet you once and always in a vector of Unconditional Love. 2012 now quickens and the Ascension of 12-12-12 and the birth of the New Planet Earth on December 21st is ever closer. Take a moment to breathe and feel the incredible pulse of the events that will soon be at hand ! The Earth will shift in astonishing ways very soon. It will truly be 'born again' into a new and magnificent field of 12 Crystalline dimensions. This will in kind spawn the rebirth of the Firmament. Energies are literally bombarding the planet from your Sun, and indeed the Sun itself is shifting in benefit to both humanity and the earth. Special points on the planet are receiving and disseminating this energy. And so we speak of one such place, the Umbilical of the Planet, the Peridot Stargate of Easter Island - Rapa Nui. Easter Island is unique on the planet. As we have told you previously it is one of the most powerful Vortexial Portals on the planet. Indeed it has been recognized as such for millennia. It is absolutely a potent & benevolent 'Umbilical of the Earth'. In a true sense, the 'wormhole' that is located there, brings in massive amount of coding and sustaining energies for the entire planet. The gateway provides a dynamic balancing & nurturing energy that supports the Earth, its Elemental Kingdoms and indeed Humanity. It is soon to vault into a new and very important role. One many of you have waited for. The basaltic volcanic earth of Easter Island, Rapa Nui, is absolutely laden with crystallized minerals of feldspar and quartz silicate, giving it the energetic- affect of an enormous gemstone. It truly is a projected field of precious multi faceted peridot. Indeed there are massive crystalline pockets of olivine quartz, peridot, in its volcanic formations as well as chrysolite. Your geologists are aware of these massive olivine crystal formations and deposits. What is not recognized is that these powerful crystals have a tremendous influence on the energy of the island and its portal. But this was recognized and understood by those of LeMuria that once lived there. These olivine crystals are why it was called the Peridot Stargate. LeMuria The land that is Easter Island in your present is indeed the remains of a pristine mountain top of LeMuria. It carries the original imprint of LeMuria perhaps more than any other location on your planet both in physical and nonphysical terms. It is a multi-dimensional stargate and functions in that aspect for myriad worlds and realities. Multidimensional reality is not subject to the restrictive constraints of linear space-time. And Easter Island projects facets of reality that are utterly astonishing. Because of these facets, Easter Island is a 'Time-Gate'. Here time is fluid and other epochs of time 'programs' co-exist more tangibly than in other such points on your planet, specifically because of its combined cosmic and telluric energies and terrestrial grid placement. There are energetic stones, calderas, ceremonial sites, and caverns on Easter Island that lead to different worlds, worlds that are known and unknown to you, worlds that many of you experienced in your past. The realm of the LeMurian Utopia was an idyllic paradise that most of you experienced, and most of you have forgotten. For those of you that were LeMurian, Easter Island is a gateway that offers this remembrance. Indeed it is much easier for those of you versed in esoteric disciplines to experience such alternate realities, in the 'Peridot Stargate'. But because the triangular island is now but the top of an ancient mountain, and relatively quite small, it may not seem to be the Paradise that it once was, but we tell you, all that was ever there, remains in place within the complex facets of multi-dimensionality. Zipped Space The energy of this Sacred Island is 'zipped' space. (Only Mount Shasta is its equivalent in this category.) Within its succinct field are far more than 12 dimensions, concentrically condensed. And as we have said, the visiting pilgrim with the developed expansive vision of the third eye can more easily 'see' past and future versions within the facets of this multi-dimensional vector. The grand Temples and Pyramids, and lush vegetation that once were here, are still quite present in simultaneous epochs of time. Original Entry Gate Most humans experienced LeMuria as their first sojourn on Earth, entering the Earth-Plane thru the Arcturian Stargate of Easter Island. The land that is now the small island of Rapa Nui was then a Sacred & Holy mountain at the southwestern corner of the massive continent of LeMuria. But we wish to make an important clarification. It is essential to understand that LeMuria existed on the earth in two very different phases. The first was a utopian realm, which may be more accurately described as a hologram of light. This was before the Earth shifted into duality, long before the purposed break-up of the original Firmament. At his time LeMurians were in luminescent manifested 'projection' forms, not truly physical, but these light forms utilized the 'elements ' of the Earth in their expression. Accordingly their vibrations were' faerie-esque'. That is why many of you so relate to the elemental kingdoms of earth, air, fire and water, for the LeMurians experienced life as projections of the earth elements and kingdoms. They were the original shape-shifters ! Capable of flying as an eagle, swimming as a dolphin, running like a jaguar ! Harmonically melding at will with every aspect of the planet, including the mineralogical crystal-beings and the benevolent fire-dragons of the earth's kundalini leys. . In this state life was an adventure, not one of duality challenges. It is of this phase of perfection and joy that we now speak. The hologram of the original LeMuria was indeed anchored at Easter Island to the physical earth, but that physical Earth was quite different in its dimensionality and expressions than the Earth you now live upon. The land that is there is the same you once walked on and there are still some of the enormous statues and ceremonial sites. But the surface land area is now much reduced. Sea levels are much higher. Below Easter Island is a massive chasm of hollow Earth, and it is teeming with life and adorned with grand Temples and Pyramids, as extraordinary as the ones that were on the surface eons ago. And the original gateway, the Stargate is absolutely still there. It cannot be shifted. That is because the Stargate of Easter Island is a purposed coordinate of energy, deliberated placed with a unique arrangement of particalized light. And while the mineralogy of the island embellishes its energy, its location is based upon its geometrics and cosmic angular alignments. Its placement on the geo-spherical earth grid has a direct connection to Arcturus. Paradise Is Not Lost The LeMurians always knew that an opportunity to transit into a different, more physical dimension would come...and that it would present defining choices. Some would remain and enter duality; some would return to other realms, others would enter in the frequencial chasms of inner earth. And it is not paradoxical to state, that all within multidimensionality maintain a great aspect of self within the original Island of Paradise. It is not lost. And to make an important note, that may be in contrast to the conjecture of some, the transition into physical matter within duality, was not a degradation of downward spiral. It was not the 'Fall of Mankind'. No ! Rather it was an optional choice of decision that was offered. Physicality was chosen by some and not by others. It allowed for a greater challenge and the freedom to experience will within duality and polarity. To experience linear time and polar magnetic earth, while very challenging, is a great path, and noble one. Hologram of Light The LeMurian Utopia of the initial phase was a specialized hologram of light inserted within the Omni-Earth. It was a vast hologramic of nonpolar frequency and coherent light. The original LeMurian utopia covered the entire planet. But it was entered into via the Stargate that is now Rapa Nui. Within that Utopia all movement was by thought, and communication was telepathic. At the initial phase of ancient LeMuria, Easter Island was part of a super continent. Easter Island was a beautiful mountaintop, with sloping velveteen sides. It was indeed the original Garden of Eden, with lush flowers of scintillating perfumes in vibrant colors of every hue. Incredibly beautiful trees were lined along crystal clear cascading streams. All Kingdoms of the planet were in harmony. The Faeries and Elves of both the planet and mineral realms were totally visible and intermingled with Water sprites above the gurgling brooks. Carpets of iridescent moss and lichen brought in amazing colors. Winds were soft and gentle. The shifts of temperature and sometimes turbulent weather you now know did not fluctuate in ancient Mu. The entire weather conditions of the entire planet were modulated to one consistent temperature even in the Polar Regions. Rainfall occurred in the mornings and late afternoons in soft mists that generated astonishing rainbows. The higher Divine aspect of the animal kingdom walked in amazing arrays, living on water and light, and communicating clearly, gently and clearly telepathically. Lions and tigers lay beside luminous human and lamb. Memories of Eden All of you have deep memories of this Eden, this lush paradise. It is a place you return to in dream state, and it nurtures each of you, filling you sensuality and vibrantly with the original passion and joyueaux de vivre, which is oft hard to discover within duality challenge. But it is there, and land of beauty and dream scape, one you visit more than you know. These mornings in which you wake feeling strangely rejuvenated, feeling something wonderful just happened, though you can't quite put your finger on it , cant lucidly recall it in detail as the mist of dream gives way to waking mind, are indeed the magical times of having gone thru the Rapa Nui Stargate back to the living hologram of Eden And this paradise was a time in which locomotion was by thought projection, indeed you could be anywhere on the Earth by mere focus. Dreams you have of the passionate exhilaration of fearlessly flying high above vast distances over shimmering waters, vibrant mountains and color collages of myriad landscapes in fact are often 'dreamscape' very real reconnections to the Eden of Easter Island, for you did that so many times. And because instantaneous travel was so easily achieved, the LeMurians remained somewhat based in Eden; the luminous stargate of Easter Island, for there was no place more beautiful or more potent. The LeMurian infrastructure was thought manifested and fluid, self evolving through thru magnificent harmony of combined group mind. It was an Eden of creation. The land was adorned with Pyramids gilded in golden layers and Temples of white alabaster marble. A ray of visible light beamed from the apex of the Pyramids. And from the Temples, beautiful artistry of dance and music was performed. The night skies were a kaleidoscope of color, as the Firmament glowed in the iridescent hues of the Aurora Borealis, covering the entire sky in a dynamic swirling energy that was stunning to observe. The energy of the stargate atop Easter Mountain glowed in a luminous radiation filled with light burst that shined like suspended micro stars. And the amazing plant life, all of the members of the Plant Kingdom were vividly conscious expressions of what the Druids referred to as 'Greenman'! The trees of LeMuria were conscious, exquisitely expressed and articulate. There were groves of trees as tall and majestic as the California Sequoia & Redwoods. All exuding energy of strength and tranquility. The vines of green ivy were animated, braiding and twining at will to the rapturous delight of all around. There was no fear, no anger, no sadness, only joy, only LOVE - Unconditional Love. The actions the LeMurians made did not require a consensus of council, for all was in harmonic perfection. But their thoughts and creations were not frivolous, rather in the frequency of highest good. This was Utopia. Manifest reflections of highest vision and elucidated wish. A mindscape of lively spirit, adventurous vitality and creative animation in an inspiring stream of infinite and resplendent life-expression. It is still and ever there! It yet shines above (and in chasms below) Easter Island, and at times amidst the benevolent volcanoes and amazing statues it can be seen for a fleeting moment, and felt for a timeless instant of eternity. Shangri- la of Joy LeMuria was a Shangri-la of play, of laughter and joy. When one laughed in joy & bliss, all felt the love. Luminous souls were not limited in the wholesome expression of any loving emotion, there were only expressions of light in which souls merged and expressed ravishing ecstasy, spiritual sensual bliss of Beingness in complete sharing. Pilgrims to the Island absolutely have lucid visions of this memory, for the Garden of Eden is timeless. It is the once and future Camelot of beauty and harmony. We tell you it is there, the stargate and dimensional field of this living hologram will ever project eternal magic. The land & the standing stone statues of Easter Island subtly, yet dynamically project the energy-keys. It is not conjecture, rather thru multidimensional laws of physics. The land does indeed upshift the vibration of past and present LeMurians, and allows all to enter into the Living Rhapsody of Love. Paradise was not lost. ..just forgotten in the challenges of duality, but always there in the refuge of lucid memory. Question to Metatron: You have previously mentioned that vertical and horizontal octahedronal gateways exist on Easter Island. How does one enter the portal to the 'Inner Earth'? Metatron: Your bodies are conduits of the planets currents within the third dimensionality. At specific powernodes, particularly volcanoes such as the ones on Easter Island, earth currents contain the circuitry of other dimensions within the earth. This embellishment is a result of mineralogy. Easter Island is composed primarily of the mineral olivine (when in its crystalline phase is also called peridotand chrysolite), is an octahedronal magnesium iron silicate. The entire island is a projected energy of peridot and chrysolite! Now you may understand why it is such a unique place of healing, serenity and expansion. Indeed the crystalline deposits of the crystalline gem aspect of peridot, being an olivine of silicate quartz provides an incredible energy to Easter Island. Feldspar also occurs on the island. Both add to the octahedronal 'as above so below' geometry of the island. The crystalline and magnetic (iron basalt) minerals combine to amplify the ability of the Moi stones and AHU Pyramid to assist each human in traveling lucidly to other realms. We also emphatically add that being in the concentrated magnetic energy found in the caldera of the volcanoes and lava caves assists entry into the hollow realm of inner earth, but it is important to be in the specific locations. Not every part of the island offers the gateway to the hollow earth chasms Question to Metatron: You mention that the 'standing stone statues of Easter Island' hold energy keys that allow for entry into the original Utopia. Can you speak on this ? Metatron: The stones are of the Earth, but the energy embedded into them is celestial. It is activated by harmonic 'Om' sound, just as are the keys in the hallowed chamber of Giza, and the circuitry of mounds at Newgrange stargate. We add that the Utopian field is etheric, in your terms. The Utopian field is held in place by a nexus, a series of inter-connected spirals of energy that carry associated particles of matter / non-matter between the hologramic layers of the physical / non-physical dimensions. But the stones act as the catalyst of the frequencial keys, their energy works with the Mer-Ka-Na, the crystalline light body by induction to upshift those that have the ability of light-quotient to enter. Vector of Choice Easter Island represents far more to humanity than is recognized, and especially so for the many who experienced life in its first 2 phases. When Earth shifted into duality, it was chosen as an Island of Light for LeMurians selecting to experience life in the more dense eras of physical matter. It was chosen for its incredible energies and proximity to higher dimension...but also for the gateways above and below, and for its role in the future. As we mentioned earlier in this channel, the Utopia of LeMuria was and is a nonphysical realm of ecstasy and joyous adventure. Approximately 800,000 years ago in your linear time The LeMurians moved onto specific sacred points within the Earth's energy grid that aligned favorably with cosmic influx. Easter Island represented the major point, with secondary communities dispersed throughout LeMuria, notably in regions around what now remains as islands including, Hawaii and Tahiti. LeMurians were not bound to the Earth in the utopian field, but as the Firmament dissolved, and Earth transitioned into polarity, most remained for a time, experiencing the denser bodies in which souls were tethered to physical forms. No longer could they travel by thought or fly in luminous bodies of light. Requisite Frequencial Separation In the flow of linear time and duality there came greater challenges, and knowledge of impending understanding that the continent would submerge. This brought to the forefront a difficult crossroad, a perplexing decision. A defining point of separation was at hand. The LeMurians individually chose either: 1) ** Total physicality in duality cycles of reincarnation (primarily into Atlantis , Egypt & Rama) 2) ** Withdrawal from the physical EarthPlane 3) ** Movement into frequencially higher 'Inner Realms' of the Earth. Approximately 65% moved into Inner Earth, the greatest numbers below Easter Island, and others below Mt Shasta and the crystalline energy beds of Arkansas and Brazil. These would be held in place by the Codes of Light and retained by Wisdom-Keepers for many millennia. The LeMurian age was at a seeming end, and as duality increased a separation fell for a season. The Inner Earth LeMurians headed for a completion, and for a time there was little purpose in interfacing with the density of the Earth's surface populace. This was innately understood. But the purposed separation was only for an age and a season, as marked in cosmic cycles of the Omni-Earth. Special LeMurian Emissaries remained upon the surface and Inner realms. Carrying codes and retaining wisdom as the surface populace moved into greater densities of duality and faced challenges that were not chosen by Inner Earth LeMurians. And so accordingly the sojourns of Inner Earth LeMurians and surface Earth populace, moved into vastly different vibratory dimensions. And although the Inner Earth beings progressed in a very different cycle from those on the surface Earth, there have always been special emissaries connecting both. Indeed the 'Law of One' of Poseida in the Golden Age of Atlantis were also Elders of LeMurian Codes. The Law of One were in fact family members of the original Utopian experience. A Grand Reunion It was deeply understood by all LeMurians that there would in time be a re-merging. That time is coming. Easter Island carries an important role in that process. It is now being prepared to anchor the New Firmament. And beyond the anchoring in the not too distant future it will be a re-emergence point of the LeMurian family of inner earth. And the reunion will reunite all LeMurians, of surface & Inner Earth and those of Sirius and the Pleiades. In the interim, Easter Island, Rapa Nui-144 is ever a Sacred Portal of Healing, Balance and Remembrance...of that which you once knew and will be again. Easter Island now calls to you, calls to those of LeMuria to come and receive the codes of remembrance. It is a place of the nurturing energy that is in the perfection of balance. It holds a unique alignment to Mt Shasta, Arkansas, Newgrange, Giza and Brazil (Sao Tomas des Letres in Minas Gerais). It is in fact axialtonally connected by underground hyper dimensional 'tunnels' to all of these. It exudes the energy you term Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. It is the perfect equation of both in balance. Accordingly it provides the energy necessary for those that are in imbalance to receive the flow of what is required for balancing. For a male in over masculine frequency, feminine influx occurs, and vice versa. It will in 2013 pass this energy axialtonally to other such locales on the planet, and there are 11 receiving this energy. Those of you receiving the codes of this will become living carriers of such codes to pass them forward. Easter Island is indeed a Crystalline Light of Peridot, and the light of this energy, which is richly embedded across its land, offers the Green Ray of Healing and Joy. It was and remains the first Temple of the LeMurians. And most of you know this energy, perhaps far more than you realize. It exudes the energy of home! The Clarion Call The Stargate opens to those who are called. Each of you in Divine Self know, in deepest truth that you are still there. It beckons and it is visited often in dream, lucid dreams of euphoric exaltation and zest. It is a buoyant heavenly place of evermore where dreams come true. Your travels have taken you far, and the path now leads you home... and the light is left on for your arrival. I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved. ...And So it is...And it is So ved Master Kuthumi Speaks! Coming Home To Your Soul My love and peace to you at this time as you traverse the final stages in this ascension level. Only when you pause and look back on your milestone year of development, will you see how you have advanced in that process. Of course how you managed the process will either assist you through the great portal of December, or stand as an obstacle to be cleared before you. Therefore I give you two pathways. Yet be clear. For those of you who have further to advance on your spiritual pathway I tell you, if you begin now in earnest you can still transit through the great transitional portal preparing to open for mankind in the coming weeks. For those of you who have listened to our words of guidance, you can now see what has fallen away behind you. In that debris will be your old concepts of time, of previous inner knowing, even old friends who chose not to join you on your path in the final stages of transition, and on to a higher level. Now as you look back, you understand why all of these events have occurred. You have now grown much closer to your soul Light and the wisdom contained there. During this year you have released and healed. The inner emotional work you endured and overcame was not always easy. That is because those emotions were held very deeply within you. Previously your ego had given a number of excuses why you didn't’t have to clear and heal those issues you have held hidden for so long. Often over life times my friend. As you endured much anguish and the many healing tears flowed, you came to a point of willing release, a letting go. We here are overjoyed and celebrate this process in your awakening. A New Sense Of Freedom Emerges. The space left enabled a new sense of freedom to enter your lower emotional body. In this space you touched infinity. Yes. You saw a much larger picture of the energy of your Universe and your place in that vast Universe. You entered your soul space and made delightful contact. This in turn helped you to understand the energy which you know as Light. The peace, the love, the infinite joy, all contained in the Light. I have guided you how to work with this Light energy to heal, to clear and cleanse, to transmute, to empower your entire being. Each time you worked with this energy you were able to hold some of the Light energy within you. Over time this built up to be measured as your very own Light quotient. I dearly hope you understand the importance of this. Not only to your physical, emotional and mental bodies, but also your planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants including humans, and out further to the Universe itself. You see the Light energy is powerful. More powerful than you currently realize or understand. It is a vital component in your current ascension process. Vital. Do not underestimate the importance. Further, as you proceed through the final days of this year, it is even more important to fill your being with the Light energy upon waking each day. Do this by sitting quietly and connecting with our realm. This can be done by feeling, word or heart intent. Visualize white Light merging around you. Imagine a white mist. Then open your arms fully and breathe in deeply. As you do so know the Light is entering your physical body down to your base chakra, circling and coming back up before breathing it out your mouth. Do this 3 times. Close by visualizing yourself in a large white balloon. This exercise will regenerate every cell of your being on every level. It will fill you with a higher peace. For those on another pathway who have not yet fully awakened, please do so quickly. The exercise I have just given would assist you immensely if completed on waking and before going to sleep. Meditation is also essential. Your higher self, linked so closely to your soul, will bring up whatever needs to be released on your emotional body. You see you cannot take the old emotions, hurts etc with you as mankind opens to the higher octaves of Light and a higher purpose. That is why I say, begin now. Begin in earnest with a clear intent of clearing out the deep closets of your mind. I have spoken of the importance of this many times. Perhaps now you see why. It is the clearing of your emotions that is so important. If your path seems a difficult one, it is because your soul is yearning for you to step forward and clear your past quickly. Thoughts It is imperative no matter which pathway you are presently on, to keep guard over your mental body – your thoughts and words. All need to observe this practice. The energies entering your atmosphere are very powerful and I can tell you gaining more strength each day until the grand gateway opening on December 3 this year. The portal offered to mankind at that time will be only for a very brief time. So it is necessary to be watchful and to step forward quickly. This grand gateway will be a rare occurrence in your Linear time, and will align with the three great pyramids in Egypt. These pyramids were built by another race who sought to inhabit Earth. They understood more of the Universal races and energies than mankind does today. However, in meditating one hour before dawn, Egyptian time, you will gain a glimpse of the future, of coming home to your soul Light and knowledge. Higher Octaves Your soul is expansive and grows even larger when merged with the great Over Soul. Like a fish in the oceans of the planet, you are separate yet part of a greater expanse. Many call this great Over Soul God. This expanse of energy is what many of Earth’s Light workers experience and connect to. It is only those who have observed past experiences as teaching and soul expansion, who work with and hold the Light within, who are ready and able to now begin to accept and work with a higher octave of Light energy. Those ones have now outgrown the lower mental and emotional bodies. Those ones have experienced many changes in their physical bodies. Their DNA strands have expanded with the new Light energies. A new template has been forming within you over the previous forty years, accelerating greatly over the last eighteen months. I say to those of you experiencing tiredness, aches in the physical and enduring various sudden emotions, to breathe. Simply breathe in Light energy very deeply. Hold the Light within you. This will greatly assist you during this ascension phase. I tell you again that is what this time, December 2012, is all about. Ascension to another higher level. Raising your consciousness. Preparing for new higher learning and experiences. Learning to live in an ‘updated’ physical body. Moving on to a higher mental level while accepting a higher emotional level of existence. Working within new higher, finer vibrational levels. This is before you. A Year Of Light Awareness. Yes. Your new year, 2013, will indeed be a year of learning to live and exist with a higher level of awareness and all that entails. Your higher channels of communication will grow immensely – ( clairvoyance and clairaudience.) Many will begin to communicate with loved ones who have passed over. You will begin to traverse the higher dimensions with ease. Your Light energies will ignite others still struggling, yet wanting a new path ahead. Your Light energy will provide the ‘switch’ they need to push forward. This is before you. Understand you cannot bring your old baggage, your old fears and hurts with you, no. So I implore you, each one of you, scan your emotional body. Employ your higher self to lead you on a journey of final clearing. Let go and experience true freedom that is only available through your own soul Light. My brother Buddha said, “Your sorrows and hurts are healed only when you touch them with compassion.” Master Kuthumi If you share this channeled transmission, please acknowledge the channel – Lynette from Kuthumi School of Wisdom and our web address. DIMENSIONS EXPLAINED DIMENSIONS EXPLAINED (planes and levels in each dimension) A dimension is a state of consciousness and a means of organizing different planes of existence according to the vibratory rate of that which exists. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. Essentially, all dimensions are composed of Energy/Matter that vibrates at different speeds and produces various manifestations. Moving to the 5th dimension is basically about learning to raise one’s energy levels so as to hold a fifth dimensional frequency and manifest that reality as our own. When this is achieved, it is expected that we will literally “phase out” of the third dimensional reality and “ascend” into the fifth dimensional reality. In order to hold the high 5D vibration one needs only to master the energies of love, trust, harmony, faith, compassion, grace, and gratitude. The 1st Dimension manifests the Mineral kingdom – focuses energy on basic existence and non-biological consciousness. The 2nd Dimension manifests the Plant and Animal kingdom – focuses energy on instincts, emotion, and animal consciousness. The 3rd Dimension manifests the Human world – focuses energy on intellectual development, rational thinking, and ego consciousness. 3rd dimension is matter-based. The 3rd dimension is a dimension of limitation and polarity (opposites). It is a dimension where we get to experience the illusion of separation from our spirits, our fellow humans, and from All-That-Is. We have veiled ourselves well so that we would believe this illusion; if we did not, then we spirits could not play this game called separation and dimensions, and be able to experience physicality. Typically, reality in the 3rd dimension is patriarchal, left brain, false male dominant and technologically oriented. It is generally devoid of feeling, love, and any form of cooperation. Essentially the feminine and "spiritual" aspects of the higher dimensions are weeded out. The shift from the third to the fourth dimension is not too difficult, as you experience this change every night when you fall asleep and go into your "Night-body" or “Astral body”. There are 12 overtones or subdivisions to each dimension. In the 4th dimension, the lower overtones or astral plane In the 4th dimension, time is completely perceived differently - there is less linear and more feminine vibration energy. Time shifts and changes like the weather. "Time" is eternal. The 4th dimensional way of perceiving reality uses the realm of feeling, intuition. In the 4th dimension there is less density than the 3rd, so we manifestation is quicker. The 4th Dimension manifests the “Astral” realms, emotion based – focuses energy on creation, imagination, psychic development and intuitive consciousness. The 4th Dimension is linked to the heart chakra which manifests love. The concept of individuality begins to diminish in this dimension. 3rd and 4th dimension make up what we call the Lower Creation World. These are the dimensions where the game of separation is carried out. Only in these dimensions can the illusion of good and evil be maintained. You feel separated from Spirit and from each other. It's been a very successful game of separation but it is time for us to end it. So, this planet is in a state of ascension. It is now vibrating at the very top of the astral plane, right on the dividing line with the 5th dimension. The 5th Dimension manifests the Soul realms – focuses energy on wisdom, insight, intuition and love consciousness. Once you have entered the fifth dimensional realities there are no longer the polarities of "separation" and "limitation. " The fifth dimension requires a total transformation of your “physical-body” into a “Light-body”, which you are aware of yourself as a Master and a multidimensional being. The concept of individuality is a choice in the lower 5D and by the mid-octaves of this dimension. 5th dimensional self: Knowing the self as a spiritual being having a human experience, A Unity Consciousness grid, Divine Will oriented, Creating in the Heaven on Earth Blueprint, Telepathic Communication, Heart Based state of being, One with All, Divine Love and Light energy field and Crystal bodies. The 6th Dimension manifests the Causal realms – focuses energy on Soul level consciousness (this is the last level of individuality) . In sixth dimensional consciousness you have an intimate awareness of the body of your Divine Child and can fully embrace the possible realities of existence. 6th dimension holds the templates for the DNA patterns of all types of species' creation, including humankind. It is also where the Light languages are stored and is made up mostly of colour and tone. The 7th Dimension manifests the realms of the Oversoul or “High Self” – focuses energy on group consciousness. In the seventh dimension you become the body of your Soul Family. The Oversoul embraces the many Souls that it oversees in the lower 6 dimensions. The 7th dimension is that of pure creativity, pure light, pure tone. pure geometry, and pure expression. It is a plane of infinite refinement. The 8th Dimension manifests the realms of the Celestial heavens – focuses energy on Avatar consciousness. The eighth dimension is the Archetypal Energy level. On this dimension, your body is no longer an individual form but is, instead, an archetype for all the "forms” of ALL the realities with which your entire Soul Family has decided to experiment in ALL the lower worlds. From the perspective of 8D consciousness the dimensions blur into each other. We lose the sense of the "I". The 9th Dimension manifests the Lower God worlds – focuses energy on the Christ/ Buddha or unconditional love consciousness. In the ninth dimension there is no sense of individuality, and you live primarily as pure consciousness. However, if your greatly expanded group consciousness desires to have the experience of a physical form, nothing less than an entire planet can serve as your "body." The 9th dimension is the plane of the collective consciousness of planets, star systems, galaxies, and dimensions. Imagine being the consciousness of a galaxy. Every life-form, every star, - planet, and group mind of every species in it is you. The 10th through 12th dimensions make up the Upper Creation Realm. The 10th Dimension manifests the Higher God realms – focuses energy on cosmic consciousness. In the tenth dimension your group consciousness has so expanded that only an entire Solar System can serve as a physical "body." The 10th dimension is the source of the Rays, home of what are called the Elohim. This is where Light is differentiated and is the source of plans of creation which are sent to the MidCreation levels. You can have a sense of "I" at this level but it won't be what you are used to here. The 11th Dimension manifests the Universal realms – focuses energy on God consciousness. By the eleventh dimension your group consciousness has expanded. The 11th dimension is that of pre-formed Light, the point before creation and a state of exquisite expectancy. It is the realm of the being known as Metatron, and of Archangels and the Higher Akashic for this Source-system. There are planetary Akashic records and galactic Akashics as well as the Akashic for an entire Source-system. You are in one Source-system of many. In each Source-system your experience will be different. The 12th Dimension is the One Point where all consciousness knows itself to be utterly one with All That Is. There is no separation of any kind. If you tap into this level, you know yourself to be completely one with All That Is, with the creator force. If you tap in there, you will never be the same again because you cannot sustain the same degree of separation if you have experienced complete unity. You have returned to Source and are in Unity Consciousness with the physical form of your Universe. Ascension is the process that everything in existence goes through to evolve. We filter and integrate the elements from the Earth and Cosmos. So the human body is ascending into a higher state of being because of the shifts and changes the Earth creates in its own ascension process. As you ascend, there is more soul group connection, more synergy, more soul mergence. So you can see why people are afraid of the number thirteen, because 13 represents Christ Consciousness; it represents ascension; the annihilation of the ego from the "darkness" of the feminine, (paganism, wicca, nature magic …) - from the Christ. This is why Jesus had 12 disciples, Jesus Christ being the 13th - creating Christ Consciousness. Transition to the 5th dimension