Sunday, October 9, 2011


SACRED CRYSTAL WATER RECIPE #2 – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

Crystals (suggest Quartz or Amethyst)
A Glass Cup, Glass Pitcher or Urn
Himalayan Salt
Colloidal Silver and/or Gold
Purified water
The idea here is to infuse water with programmed crystal energy. Crystals hold vast amounts of energy, so that idea is that our bodies can be “rebuilt” from carbon-based to crystalline-based, thus able to process much more information…and the process of crystallizing the body is essentially the doorway to latent gifts you may already possess….increases in IQ, new talents and abilities, dormant traits that are waiting to be developed…it’s all about personal power. Can you see now why the powers-that-be-for-now are so “hellbent” on seeing that your reality is full of toxins…toxic, food, air water and soil? It’s to DEGRADE YOUR DNA/RNA to prevent you from becoming a superhuman! Anyways back to our recipe…
First you wash your crystals and make sure they have no lingering energy, you may do this with by running water through them, or you may leave them out in the sun or moonlight for a day or two, or cleanse them with your intent…with sounds, with words, with thoughtforms.
Second, you program your crystals, put them in your hand and tell them what you want from them, this can be done at a distance too…. Do you want more health? More love? More peace? Be specific. After you have programmed the crystal, you must then seal it with platinum energy of Archangel Michael, so that the crystal and store and run your program without interference from conflicting programming. (You can re-activate a program within a crystal by placing it in your left hand and blowing on it three times).
You take your glass container and fill it water water, you add a pinch of Himalayan salt, a drop or a few drops of colloidal silver and/or gold, and the crystals to the water and gently mix.
Drink and enjoy! Notice how the water tastes different, and feels different from “normal” water?
Colloidal Silver and/or Gold: Useful to as a crystal catalyst
Himalayan Salt: To hold the crystal structure of the water
Crystals: Useful for programming the water with spiritual/emotional/thoughtform energy.
Extra tidbits:
1. You can add spray this crystal water in rooms to cleanse the air.
2. You can add this crystal water to baking, soups, raw spreads etc.
3. You can add this crystal water to your skin after a bath, or during a sauna or sweatlodge.
4. Crystal water can be used for pets, animals or even sprouts and plants.
5. Imagine how else crystals water can be used… to heat homes, for healing…. to community planning etc. The possibilities are endless and within our potential right now.

Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) is a galactic artist interested in creating a more harmonious way of living on our planet. He sells ionic footbath plates, and colloidal silver and gold at his website. Dieter currently lives in Ecuador where he is enjoying living as a free spirit, sampling ample inexpensive fruit and veggies, and having collaborations with our like-spirited artists. Dieter believes our planet is currently in an advanced state of transformation due to strong gamma radiation coming from a galactic cloud, and it’s part of our planet’s 26000 year cycle.