Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Help From Angels In Our Everyday Lives

10 Steps to Making Decisions With the Help of the Angels

From:  Doreen Virtue

10 Steps to Making Choices and Decisions With the Help of the Angels 
Should I move? Quit my job? Leave my relationship? These are questions I’m frequently asked on my radio show and at my workshops. And no wonder, as we’re all in a time of great global and personal change. The angels say that the key to enjoying these changes is to stay flexible and keep your sense of humor. It’s also helpful to know that you’re not alone and many people are having similar experiences.
The changes can seem frightening because of insecurities of future unknown factors (“Will I be financially secure?” “Will I be alone?” “Will this change make me feel happier?”
The angels can help because, from their elevated perspective, they can see the factors and make the variables known to you. The angels won’t make the decision for you, out of respect for your free will choices. However, they will function like trusted advisors to help you to see and consider your various options.
To make decisions with the help of the angels:

1. Hold the intention of connecting with your guardian angels for help and guidance about decisions you're trying to make. Your angels are already with you and definitely they hear you and ready to help you By holding this intention, you are giving them permission intervene

2. Create a quiet space, even if it’s just closing your eyes and breathing deeply; the moments while you’re falling asleep or awakening; in the washroom; on a walk; or outdoors in nature. The point is to be in a place where you can more readily hear the angels.

3. Silently think this question to the angels: “What changes would you like to see me make in my life?”

4. Notice the feelings and thoughts that come in response to this question.

5. Silently ask the angels for help with any specific life area that you’re considering changing. Pour out your heart to the angels, telling them about all of your feelings.

6. Notice the feelings and thoughts that come to you.

7. Don't concern yourself with worries about 'how' your requests will be answered. The divine infinite mind has solutions and miracles abundantly available. Worry never helps, but prayer always does.

8. You'll get ideas and feelings about taking action. This is divine guidance in response to your requests for help. It may not seem to have If you don't hear or understand the guidance, say to your angels, "Thank you for giving me clear signs that I easily recognize and understand that clearly guides my actions along the path of joy and peace."

9. You can also use a method that I call, "Trying on your future." it's similar to trying on clothing or test-driving a car prior to buying it. This is helpful if you have several options to choose from. In a quiet place, allow yourself to imagine that you have taken Option 1. Really feel that experience as if it’s happening right now. Then do the same for Options 2, 3, and so forth. Compare how each feels for you. While you can’t know all of the foreseeable factors, you can get a sense of your body’s reactions. And your body KNOWS, as it’s a powerfully accurate divination tool. Trust it!

10. If you still need clarity, hold the intention of contacting your higher self. Then ask it,
“Which way puts me on the path of my divine life purpose?” Trust the first thought that comes to mind. Anything which brings you closer to your life’s purpose (even if you’re unsure what that exactly entails) will bring you more peace, harmony, and abundance.

Know that you deserve this happiness! We all do. Your Creator, like any loving parent,
wants the best for you. And when you’re happy and peaceful, we all benefit. After all, world peace occurs when everyone’s at peace. By taking the steps to bring peace to yourself, you make a major contribution toward world peace. You become a role model of peace, inspiring others to make the journey as well.

Peace and Love to you and yours, Doreen.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Installing a Cabana Tent

Meredith Berg, The Writers Network
Cabana tents are wonderful for providing a convenient place to change or simply a resting place with protection from the sun to install for when you are at the beach or park.  There are many types of cabana tents with a range of installation instructions.

The One-Touch Cabana Tent
There are a few different “one step” tents on the market.  One is the Rapido Cabana Tent that has a pop-up mechanism for installation in seconds.
Another similar product is the Family Beach Cabana Tent from Sun Smarties.  The tent weighs four pounds and is carried in a backpack.  It is easily unfurled, after which all you have to do is anchor the ends to the ground.  This is one of the simplest cabana choices on the market.  The big difference between this tent and the Rapido is that it does not have a floor.
There are more complicated cabana tents with pole systems for setup available, but when options exist for easy one-step installation tents you may not wish to purchase anything more intricate.

Fun Cabana Designs
An alternate version of a cabana tent is the tripod tent.  One example is the Junior Tripod from Coolibar.  To install this tent, lay it out on the ground, keeping the pole tunnels visible on top. Thread the poles through the tunnels starting with the ring pin end and crossing it through the center to its opposite fabric tunnel.  Slide the pole into a pole pocket.  Bow the poles into an arch and secure the structure with the pin.  Place rocks or sand into the side pockets to keep the tent grounded.
Make sure, whichever cabana tent you purchase, that it is treated with adequate sun-proofing.  You can easily find cabanas with SPF 50 for protection for the entire family!